Welcome to the CAMP media pages

This is a new medium for the Concussion Assessment and Management Program. It is new and fresh and can easily replace the CAMP website. Take a look at these pages and get a sense of the breadth of issues related to brain injury and sports concussion. According to the CDC as many as 5 million concussions are diagnosed on a yearly basis. Each of these inuries is unique and requires careful management for successful recovery and resumption of normal activities.

Many people are surprised when I tell them that concussion requires rest to enhance recovery and hasten a return to play. I frequently see injured athletes at practices helping out their coaches. More often I see them going through the motions at half speed. This alone can be an impediment to getting back on the field. Most teams understand that allowing a student athlete to participate in physical contact put him or her at risk for continued or worsening symptoms. But jogging, playing catch, and shooting hoops too can interfere with the rest needed to fully heal after concussion.


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