A call for baseline testing: Gaining ground on concussion management

The Concussion Assessment and Management Program (CAMP) in central Massachusetts provides consultation with schools and teams using innovative and scientifically proven methods for measuring cognitive baseline in athletes. With greater awareness of the potential long-term impact of concussion it is more important than ever to recognize the signs and symptoms.

Preseason cognitive testing is being conducted across the country on athletes who are beginning their high school and college careers. This is an important first step in the management of students who are afflicted with the signs and symptoms of brain injury. “Fortunately, baseline cognitive testing has increasingly become the norm for players as young as grade school, since it can help detect concussion-related changes and guide a physician’s decision to clear a concussed young player to return to play. Over time, researchers are certain to use that data to track players’ cognitive well-being as a function of playing time and blows to the head.” LA Times Science 8-31-13

Ostensibly, post-injury testing offers physicians and parents alike with up to the minute measurement of neurocognitive indices that are predictive of the readiness for return to play. When available these results will be compared with the athlete’s baseline and used as a barometer of healing.


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