Preseason Concussion Testing – most MA schools offer baseline testing

Dr. Mike Sefton serves as director of neuropsychology at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough, MA 

WESTBOROUGH, MA The fall sports season is underway and many schools across New England and the United States are anticipating the start of baseline testing using the ImPACT – the state of the art computer-based software designed to take a snapshot of an athletes neurocognitive functioning.  Here in Massachusetts, Michael Sefton, Ph.D. provides real time consultation to coaches and school nurses about potential problems that athletes face when recovering from concussion.  According to Dr. Sefton the preseason assessment serves as the comparison study of an athletes “normal” baseline with his or her functioning within 48-72 hours after injury.  It is an accurate and reliable index of how the brain is functioning and will track the athlete during recovery.  Cognitive rest is the key to a predictable recovery.  Changing or worsening symptoms sometimes signal the failure to allow oneself to quiet the brain and body.  “Just as physical rest is important so is cognitive rest in the full recovery of symptoms from concussion” said Sefton at a recent program offerred to school nurses.

To take the test click on this link:


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