Adding Content and Genre to these pages

WESTBOROUGH, MA June 7, 2015 In response to questions I have received from visitors to the web site I have decided to add a wider genre of content to include neuropsychology in general.  I have had a tab labeled neuropsychology since the beginning and it has been linked to topics of importance such as traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrhythmia, and dementia.  These topics effect everyone at some point especially those people working in the medical field – brain injury, stroke, pain management, and more.

Michael Sefton, Ph.D.

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationship between brain and behavior.  When you think about it that includes just about everything from acquired injury, substance abuse to autism.  The topics I will post are those in which I am involved here at Whittier and in my practice.  I am adding to the content published here and will continue to work with those afflicted with concussion and post-concussion syndrome and their families. I am very excited to add biofeedback and EEG biofeedback to my practice. While I have limited assessment openings – biofeedback has been a demonstrated modality to enhance functioning.

On my other site I have included posts about domestic violence, the “active shooter”, juvenile fire setting and more that also effect many of us who work with people. That site may be reached at


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