Spring season: Boys lacrosse and girls softball bear the brunt

Ball in airBoys lacrosse and girls softball are the two spring sports that I have seen an  uptick in the incidence of concussion in the past few years.  These are my anecdotal observations from my own practice here at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital.  Early season baseline cognitive testing is recommended for athletes who are 10 years or older. Most high schools in New England offer baseline testing and have contingencies in place for post injury testing. There is no better feeling than to have a quantifiable measure of an athlete’s baseline cognitive functioning. The test is valid for 2-3 seasons. An increased emphasis has been for players identifying their own teammates who may be experiencing signs of concussion during competition.  Coaches and trainers sometimes fail to appreciate signs of concussion from the sideline.
Concussion results in several changes in thinking and behavior that may not be readily noticeable. An athlete who is symptomatic is much more likely to be re-injured if he or she returns to the field of play prematurely. Baseline testing is available using the link below. Michael Sefton, Ph.D. can provide full service assessment and treatment of acute concussion and postconcussion syndrome.  Phone contact is 508-871-2077 in the U.S.
Contact Dr. Sefton below:http://www.concussionassessment.wordpress.com

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