Bike of the week – June 12, 2016

WESTBOROUGH, MA June 12, 2016 The bike of the week comes from a patient who is receiving treatment for peripheral vascular disease and pain management.  The bike is an interesting tool for measuring cognitive change in adults.  Like the clock drawing the bicycle drawing provides insight into visual motor integration. This man has necrotic toes on his left foot secondary to

This bike was drawn by a 70 year old male who is suffering with peripheral pain due to diabetic neuropathy.  He is a great grandfather.

diabetes – diabetic neuropathy it is called. Necrotic conditions generally result in amputations to toes, feet, even parts of legs – above and below the knee. Necrotic limbs occur when the vascular or blood supply to the feet may be compromised because of free floating sugar in the venous system that has not been broken down by insulin in the body.  When blood cannot fully circulate into the venules – the smallest vessels in the body – the surrounding tissue will gradually die causing discoloration and severe  burning pain.   For those of you who may not know it diabetes is a serious medical disorder that has long-term health concerns for millions here in America. Diet and exercise are critical for those who are diagnosed with diabetes.  Childhood onset diabetes requires close medical management and serious nutritional planning. People who are diagnosed with diabetes have a higher risk to go on and develop other health-related illness such as peripheral vascular disease, kidney failure, stroke and dementia.


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