Clock of the Week – What for?

“Set the hands for ten after eleven”


The clock of the week is produced by neuropsychology patients from the practice of Michael Sefton, Ph.D.  Clocks are an excellent ice breaker for establishing rapport.  They tend to be less threatening for people who are worried about their cognitive health.

Clocks offer a good deal of data about problem solving, organization, visual motor integration, and planning –  components of the all important executive function system. The clock requires specific, standardized directions that require both attention and linguistic comprehension.

The actual clock above represents an interesting conversation piece that is on the wall of the director of rehabilitation at the rehabilitation hospital.  It seemed to me a great photograph to represent this interesting neuropsychological tool and web feature.  See video below of an interesting clock drawing.  This drawing actually became the May 29th clock of the week.

April 10, 2016MicrographicMetabolic_Enceph The clock of the week for April 8, 2016 is drawn by  77-YEAR OLD MALE who is in the hospital for toxic metabolic encephalopathy.  His drawing demonstrated the problem setting the hands of the clock to the correct time.  He is a 1996 heart transplant recipient.  The drawing is only about 1 inch in size.


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