Clock of week – September 15, 2017


The clock above was crafted by a 77-year old right handed female with dementia related cognitive changes. She began her drawing in upper left and wanted to try again – “Set the clock for 11:10” the simple directions.  Below you will see the clock she drew with moderate supervision and coaching.

Here is the clock drawn by the same patient as above a few days after the initial failed attempt at drawing the clock.


August 26, 2015 – This clock was drawn by an 83-year old, left handed woman with undiagnosed dementia

Clock drawn by 65 year old male with psychiatric disorder
Clock drawn by 65 year old male

Redrawn clock by 65 year old patient with psychiatric disorder

Clock drawn by patient with frontotemporal dementia. Note the perseveration and failure to appreciate error pattern caused by the frontal disease.
This clock was drawn by an 89-year old female undergoing care for a (Rt) MCA infarct superimposed upon macular degeneration

scan0001January 8, 2015 – This clock was drawn by a 59-year old college graduate with several classes toward a master’s degree.  He is a business owner and is undergoing hospital treatment for sepsis and pneumonia.  The instructions are to “draw-a-clock and set the hands for 11:10.”  The patient first drew the numbers and placed the hands roughly in the correct position.  No circle was drawn spontaneously.

The clock below was crafted by a Chinese speaking female who was being treated for a mild CVA.  Her rehabilitation was slowed by the embarrassment she felt for the sudden dependence on therapists. Her son was a physician in a nearby hospital.

This clock was drawn by a 95-year old woman of Chinese lineage.
This clock was drawn by a 95-year old woman of Chinese lineage.
Clock drawn by 89 year old with delirium – hands set correctly at 11:10
This clock was drawn by a doctoral level college professor with delirium
Example of micrographia – this clock is only 1/2 inch in size


79 year old male drew this clock – added 11 as a mustache on the “face of a clock”

This clock was added on October 29.  It was drawn by a 79-y/o male with movement DO.


This clock was drawn by an outpatient 83 year old man with a question of dementia.

Micrographia – Clock drawn by Parkinson’s patient in 2014

The clock of the week is drawn by a rehabilitation patient undergoing care for a hip fracture and subsequent delirium.  Delirium can be triggered by many factors including medication, infection, or pre-existing cognitive decline associated with dementia.


If you are a practitioner with an interest in clock drawings – send me some of your most interesting drawings along with a brief (HIPPA compliant) overview.  Send via email to:


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