About CAMP

Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital Westborough, MA
The Concussion Assessment and Management Program is run by Michael Sefton, Ph.D.. CAMP has been helping schools and athletes for over 10 years. It brings together clinical expertise in the area of sports medicine, clinical neuropsychology, and now rehabilitation medicine.  This is a consultation service at Whittier with outpatient programs for traumatic brain injury, stroke, and other suspected neuropsychological afflictions.  School and team consultation is available.  The service offers compete outpatient testing and consultation including examination for return-to-play, fitness for duty, and dementia.  Whittier now has a comprehensive Neuroday Rehabilitation program available for those in need of a comprehensive day program.
CAMP is affiliated with Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough, Massachusetts.
Concussion requires rest to assure for timely healing
Baseline testing is the state of the art for understanding the cognitive effects of concussion.  Once a reliable baseline has been established this data can be compared to the post-injury profile generated by the repeated measure using the ImPACT test.
In some cases patients with sustained symptoms from concussion may be evaluated using standardized neurocognitive tests that assess memory, concentration, executive skills, and higher order problem solving and reasoning.  Mood and behavior are frequently effected by brain injury and sometimes warrant specialized neuropsychological and behavioral intervention.
Return to learn protocols are an essential part of the recovery from concussion.

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