Michael Sefton, Ph.D.

Michael Sefton, Ph.D. Director of Psychology and Neuropsychology at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Massachusetts USA
Michael Sefton, Ph.D. is a neuropsychologist who practices at the Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough, MA.  He is the Director of Neuropsychology and Psychological services at WRH and a concussion specialist.  He is currently serving as a consultant to several area school districts in the area of concussion management and return to play protocols.  He is a licensed psychologist trained in neuropsychology and brain injury.  Dr. Sefton works actively with school departments and organizations to establish preseason testing of athletes. He has participated in writing protocols and school policies on concussion and return to school protocols. He was an invited speaker in London, U.K. on the topic of Rehabilitation and Traumatic Brain Injury of a high school boy.  Dr. Sefton is a member of the Massachusetts Neuropsychological Society and the International Neuropsychological Society.
Post-injury follow-up is very user friendly and should occur within one day.   Neuropsychological testing resources are readily available for post-injury assessment.  Dr. Sefton consults with trainers and physicians to teach return-to-play protocols & strategies.  In 2007, Dr. Sefton worked in conjunction with the Children’s Medical Center of Washington DC and Shrewsbury, MA Pop Warner football organization to standardize the pediatric version of ImPACT for ages 5-8 years.  Sefton has taught neuropsychology, abnormal psychology and consultation at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, Worcester State University, and Assumption College.  He can be reached at 508-579-0417 or via email msefton@whittierhealth.com.  Dr. Sefton is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist from the Academy of Brain Injury Specialists.

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